The theme is “crests” which evoke a sense of exoticism.  We attempt to express the beauty of patterns which pay respect to the lifestyles of various countries, utilizing high-quality natural stones. Each piece boasts a degree of perfection extending to the smallest detail by skilled Japanese craftsmen.


Collection Coordinate with Basic Items

  • (1)

    • PIERCE : CREST (K18YG, White Mother of Pearl)

  • (2)

    • PIERCE : CREST (K18YG, Red Moss Agate)

  • (3)

    • PIERCE : CREST (K18YG, Green Chalcedony)

  • (4)

    • PIERCE : CREST (K18YG, Green Chalcedony)
    • NECKLACE : THE SETTING bar 18mm/3 diamonds (K18YG, Diamond)